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...weitere Bilder + Info: Leuchtende Nachtwolken 18./19.06.2023
...further images: Noctilucent Clouds 2023-06-18/19

Beobachtungsort: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Location: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Cameras used f (focal length)
Filter Filter (2)
Canon EOS 1100Da
35 mm OWB Clip Filter
Rollei Astroklar

Sony Alpha 7S 50 mm Dydim

Panasonic Lumix GH6
15 mm

NNE-sector - a single band structure is fighting against the dust stripes:

f 50 mm:

f 15 mm:


Time lapse f 50 mm:


Time (UT)
NLC Forms
Max. Elevation (°)
00:20 - 00:47/59 *


AZI: at least ~ 005° - 010°
a single band structure is fighting against the layers of haze/mist/dust stripes/cirrus;
there hase been a further automatic detection of same structure on Flensburg WebCam (Northern Germany / Danish Border)

* automatic camera observations:
21:22 - 02:43 UT

Photographs and text are copyright ©2023 Olaf SQUARRA

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