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...weitere Bilder + Info: Leuchtende Nachtwolken 11./12.08.2018
...further images: Noctilucent Clouds 2018-08-11./12.

Beobachtungsort: Kopenhagen (Dänemark) ~56°N / 13°E
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Location: Copenhagen (Denmark) ~56°N / 13°E
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Sony Alpha 7S + Canon FD 3,5 - 4,5/35-105 mm @ 3,5/35 mm (with Didym-Filter)




NLC seen from Denmark:
Canon FD 3,5 - 4,5/35-105 mm @ 3,5/35 mm
Sony Alpha 7S
Movie on youtube.com:
width 2120 Pixel, 14 fps, f = 35 mm

Time (UT)
NLC Forms
Max. Elevation

8° around 01:37 UT in AZI 016 (max bright area)

9,75° around 01:58 UT in AZI 353

11,5° around 02:13 UT in AZI 346


AZI ~ 320° - 044° (where 320 is near the end of the display + 044 near the begin of the display (then moving westward));
very good visibility in the cloud gaps in the 2nd part of the night; before with thunderstorms moving to / over Sweden + beamer artwork the whole night through; few degrees above horizon the begin of the morning display was covered with low clouds;

the church in line with the Amalienburg Basilika is AZI N (in images above ~ the middle left part)

Photographs and text are copyright ©2018 Olaf SQUARRA

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