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...weitere Bilder + Info: Leuchtende Nachtwolken 21./22.07.2017
...further images: Noctilucent Clouds 2017-07-21./22.

Beobachtungsort: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Location: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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00:57 UT, 2,0/50 mm, t 8", ISO 400, AZI ~305-333°, contrast enhancement; Canon EOS 600D

cutting from image above (AZI ~325-333):

01:17 UT, 3x 4,0/300 mm, t 2,0"/1,3"/1,3", ISO 2000, AZI ~045°, Sony Alpha 7S

[Tele-Panorama 5500 x 1146 Pixel, 480 KB]

01:18 UT, 2,0/50 mm, t 5", ISO 400, AZI in middle ~325°, cutting; Canon EOS 600D

same image as above, contrast enhancement:

00:46 UT, 3x 4,0/300 mm, t 1,6", ISO 1600, AZI ~015-020°, Sony Alpha 7S

NLC around AZI ~350-360:
f = 3,5 / 28 mm
Timelapse (16 MB) on vimeo.com:
2320x870 Pixel, 8 fps, f = 28 mm


Time (UT)
NLC Forms
Max. Elevation
at least from 20:34-21:56
I, II, O
automatic observation only during brightest NLC period; visual inspection at the end showed only very faint NLC
AZI at least ~ 303° (obviously before 303°) - 330°, not easy to say if there were NLC more to E because of reduced visibility due to Ci / dust stripes; in general good visibility with a bit haze/mist and Ci (most contrails);
no NLC detection on camera which observed the N-sector

Photographs and text are copyright ©2017 Olaf SQUARRA

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