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...weitere Bilder + Info: Leuchtende Nachtwolken 18./19.06.2016
...further images: Noctilucent Clouds 2016-06-18./19.

Beobachtungsort: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Location: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Canon EOS 600D + Distagon 2,2/35 mm, Canon EOS 1100Da + EF Zoom at 28 mm (Magic Lantern, FPS-Override 0,25), Sony Alpha 7S + Zenitar 8/16 mm

faint + early start with almost All-Sky-NLC:

21:00 UT, t = 1,6", ISO 2500, 8/16 mm, approx. original view, N at bottom
same image, contrast enhancement:

NLC did not became brighter, better said they faded away...

21:14 UT, t = 5", ISO 2500, 8/16 mm, (contrast enhancement)

Then came a break, waiting for widespread and light NLC...
...took some time and then they appeared more or less low above northern horizon:

21:47 UT, t = 0,4", ISO 1600, 2,2/35 mm

22:01 UT, t = 0,8", ISO 1600, 2,2/35 mm

Then a break again because of clouded sky conditions.

At last some single frames taken from an automatic video. Shots are from the morning hours:


Video on vimeo.com from 21:39-01:24 UT:

1280x720_Pixel 30fps_1100Da_f28mm

Time (UT)
NLC Forms
Max. Elevation






at least ~90°-160°

at least 10°, in the morning at least 15°-20° in AZI ~355/360





AZI at least ~ 140°-180°-310° in the early evening - first part; second part: at least 015°-025° (bright part) + probably faint along the complete northern horizon (visible ~for camera only); during automatic camera observation at least 350°-025° through clouds;
very good visibility at the beginning then more + more clouds moved in, more gaps again after 00:00 UT
*period with automatic NLC detection in sector 340°-020°

Photographs and text are copyright ©2016 Olaf SQUARRA

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