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...weitere Bilder + Info: Leuchtende Nachtwolken 27./28.07.2014
...further images: Noctilucent Clouds 2014-07-27./28.

Beobachtungsort: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Location: Rostock ~54.2°N / 12.1°E
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Canon EOS 600D (EF 28-80mm + Zenitar 5.6/16mm)

 01:38 UTC   t=10 sec.   800 ASA   5,6/52mm; AZI ~NNE

 01:47 UTC   t=10 sec.   800 ASA   2x 5.6/52mm; AZI ~NNW/NNE

 02:16 UTC   t=3,2 sec.   400 ASA   5,6/16mm; AZI ~N/NNE (cutting)

The movie shows 2 photographs per second:
[Xvid-movie 01:27-02:15 UTC  768 x 512 Pixel  2fps_ 3,2 MB]


Time (UT)
NLC Forms
Max. Elevation
IIa, IIIb, IV, S
Through clouds. AZI min. ~350°-045°, still visible at end of observation.
! IAP-NLC-Camera on Ruegen Island (east of my position) showed NLC from about after ~21:00 !

Photographs and text are copyright ©2015 Olaf SQUARRA

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